Computer IT Support and Services

We try to build relationships with the people and businesses we support as we want them to feel as though they are in safe hands. In return we have been fortunate enough to receive some great feedback for the services we offer.

Here are a few of the kind comments some of our clients have been kind enough to share:

‘We switched our IT support to Blue Compass IT who carried out extensive surveys and tests of our systems before beginning a structured methodical series of changes and improvements. At every step all matters have been clearly explained and efficiently implemented. The service had been excellent, friendly and very prompt.’
Andrew Cressy, Partner, Cressy Associates

‘As a small business I’ve used Blue Compass IT’s services for many years and always found them to be quick to respond, reliable and able to resolve all my company’s IT issues. I would highly recommend them.’
Sandra Richardson, Owner, Chrysalis Coaching

‘Blue Compass IT swapped our whole network, with 5 new workstations, a new, upgraded Small Business Server and router in one weekend. They have worked with us since to upgrade our CRM software and integrate it with our accounts package, both from Sage. A fast, friendly and efficient service was delivered at every stage, we wouldn’t hesitate to recommend them.’
Craig Giles, Partner, Panacea IT

‘I was very fortunate to find Blue Compass IT at a moment when my IT situation was very precarious and becoming increasingly stressful. I was in the process of swapping laptops and upgrading software. It was turning into an IT nightmare as I now work from home and there wasn’t an IT department on hand to solve all my dilemmas. Each laptop was running a different system and although I knew what I needed for work the transition process was a little beyond me and I needed it to happen very quickly & seamlessly. At first I went to a local IT supplier. I was offered poor, expensive advice. Thankfully, a friend came to my aid and recommended Blue Compass IT. When the engineer arrived on the scene it was like meeting superman! They had asked me to make a list of everything that needed doing prior to their arrival and then quickly set to work solving each of my requests in a very methodical manner. They were absolutely excellent and terrific value for money. What more can I say?’
Zoe Boner, Home User

‘I had lost the sound on my PC, I had tried everything I could think of and put up with the problem for ages. I called Blue Compass IT who were able to identify the problem quickly and got it all working for me as well as making my Internet go faster! I would say that the service was prompt efficient and very reasonable, I would definitely recommend them.’
Emma Charitos, Home User